Our team

1762 Consultants features a team of twenty experienced consultants delivering human change management services, with a vast network of partners in France and around the world:

Our missions

  • Cohesion between management teams and development of federating business projects based on mission-vision-values models
  • Leadership and management development (active learning, coaching, co-development, 360° assessments, psychometric tools, digital media, etc.)
    NB : 1762 Consultants is a government-certified training organisation (under the French Ministry of Work, Employment and Professional Training)
  • Talent management (identification criteria, talent pools and reviews, development plans, assessment centres, etc.)
  • Quality of Life at Work (audit of work practices, action plans, work organisation, stakeholder awareness, crisis management, advice units, etc.)
  • Gender equality and inter-generational relationships (workshops, mentoring, work time charters, etc.)

The team

At 1762 Consultants we are driven by four fundamental values:

  • Innovation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Balance
  • Sustainable Performance

Our team comprises twenty highly-skilled consultants, all with extensive international experience and with proven track records not only large companies or public institutions, but also in international consulting firms.


To accompany major projects, 1762 Consultants uses an extensive partner network in France and other countries.


Président de 1762 Consultants
Jérôme Ballarin

Jérôme is a graduate of the HEC business school and Political Sciences in Paris. After co-directing a leading French consultancy in human resources development, he established 1762 Consultants in 2010 and is today its CEO. Prior to this he assumed managerial positions in major corporations such as Accenture and Danone.

In 2008 Jérôme Ballarin founded the Observatory of Work-Life balance and Parenthood in Business (Observatoire de l’Equilibre des temps et de la Parentalité en entreprise). This not-profit association brings together almost 30,000 employers – covering a total of 4.5 million employees in France – to work together on the issues of balancing the work life and personal life of employees. He also co-authored the Corporate Parenthood Charter (Charte de la Parentalité) and “15 commitments for a balanced lifestyle” (15 engagements en faveur de l’équilibre des temps de vie).

In 2009 Jérôme was appointed by the French Prime Minister to be a member of the High Council for Families), board member of the CNAF Family allowance office (2011), and a member of the High Council of Gender Equality (2013). In December 2014, Jérôme received the Family Medal from the President of the French Republic at the Elysée palace.

Jérome Ballarin interviewed about his book “Manager par les équilibres”

Jérôme Ballarin has authored several books (Manager par les équilibres, 2015; Travailler mieux pour vivre plus, 2010) and has overseen the publication of several practices guides for businesses. He has produced several government reports, including the 2012 report on Parenthood and gender equality – how to involve men? (Parentalité et égalité professionnelle hommes-femmes : comment impliquer les hommes ?)

Jérôme is frequently interviewed by media organisations and social partners. He is also consulted by international governments (Quebec, Germany, South Korea, Belgium) and speaks at conferences in France and other countries.

Why 1762?

In 1762, Jean-Jacques Rousseau published “Of the Social Contract” (Du Contrat Social). Two and a half centuries later, reinventing the social contract seems to be a hot topic again, hence the mission of 1762 Consultants: reinventing the social contract in business and the professional universe.

Several observations lead us in this direction:

  • As businesses are confronted with incomparable upheavals – transformation of markets, hegemony of digital technology, arrival of new generations, etc. – they must adopt a management by balance approach, using the life balance of employees as a lever to their commitment, performance and transformation.
  • To mobilise their employees, management committees must carefully define their corporate mission – who are we? – the strategic vision they seek to deploy – where are we heading? – along with the behaviour expected of managers and employees – how do we want to go there?
  • Restore confidence and prevent the divide between management and labour from widening, requires that businesses reinforce the alignment and exemplary behaviour of all their managers and leaders. This is possible via awareness-raising and co-development seminars.

Any transformation project must reinforce the level of confidence between stakeholders:

  • Employers need to clearly explain their expectations to their employees in terms of their contribution to the company’s financial health, customer service, consideration of transverse functions, innovation, involvement in transformation projects.
  • In parallel, employees need to feel that their expectations are heard, of course in terms of pay or mobility, but increasingly in terms of respect of their ecosystem, consideration of their motivation drivers or the non-monetary recognition of their contribution.

For 1762 Consultants, reinventing the social contract therefore requires the reinvention of engagement, a healthy and durable engagement within commercial and non-commercial organisations.

With renewed confidence, all stakeholders will find their motivation to support and drive transformation projects.


Address: 5 Rue Bailly, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine France
Tel: +33 (0)1 75 43 67 70

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