Expertise and innovation

1762 Consultants is a consulting and training services provider. Our team consists of twenty experienced consultants, specialising in human change management. 1762 Consultants offers expertise in the following fields:

Strategy & Leadership

Seeking to update your organisational strategy, motivate employees around new strategic orientations, communicate more effectively on current transformation programmes, get managers involved in organisational changes?

  • Strategic planning process including Blue Ocean and Value Curve levers
  • Support to senior management in vision and strategic creativity phases
  • Definition of Mission-Vision-Values leadership platforms
  • Implementation of new leadership models
  • Change learning programmes and barometers

Talent development

Need to define roles and responsibilities in terms of HR management, professionalise HR processes and tools, anticipate the development of work roles and skills, retain and develop talents, reinforce social dialogue?

  • HR governance and structuring HR processes
  • Professionalism and positioning of HR function
  • Skills-based approaches and forward employment and skills management
  • Talent management and potential high-flyer guidance
  • Management of social dialogue

Quality of Life at Work and Corporate Social Responsibility


Need to develop a better quality of life at work, limit stress, help employees reconcile work and personal lives better, ensure equal opportunities for all, boost your image as an employer?

  • Diagnostic and prevention of psycho-social risks
  • Assistance plans to balance work and personal lives
  • “Better quality of life at work” programmes
  • Corporate Social Responsibility policies
  • Gender equality & Diversity (seniors, disabilities, integration of young people, etc.)
  • Reinforcement of the employer brand


Operational performance

Seeking to direct efforts to “customer service”, boost synergy between sales and marketing teams, identify and develop the skills of sales and marketing staff, evaluate customer satisfaction?

  • Implementation of customer-centric organisations
  • Development of transverse synergy, particularly between sales and marketing
  • Skills repositories and company learning programmes
  • Reinforcement of sales staff know-how and posture
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